Jayne with her family ~ her biggest inspiration!

Jayne with her family ~ her biggest inspiration!

About the Author

Most people ask me how I got into writing. The truth is that I didn't get into writing, writing got into me! Like most people, I wondered what my calling would be. Then my phone rang one day with the answer. It was a baby saying "mama," and the name was reserved for me alone. The phone kept ringing. There was another child, this one hysterically laughing, then a little girl whispering "I love you." The voices grew deeper. There was a young man asking for advice, a teenage boy telling me his problems, a young woman asking me a million questions about life. Three children. My calling.

Writing, my second calling, is where I try to make sense of everything I've learned as a parent. It's a reflection, one that never fails to make me grateful. My only rule: If something I write fails to inspire, entertain, or educate, it's not ready. And though you can never be quite sure as a writer, it is my sincere hope that my creative works are ready. My best qualities are my devotion to my family, my compassion for others, my sense of humor and the courage to be myself.

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I've never been one to make a long story short... but oh how I love to make a short story long!

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