A Message from the Author

As the book's author, a mother and a survivor during Hurricane Andrew in 1992, I have been able to provide emotional support to children and families across the United States and the Caribbean for the past twenty-five years. 

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the littlest victims are once again in dire need of emotional support and a vehicle to express their fears and concerns in the aftermath of these storms.

IF HURRICANES WERE CANDY CANES is a children's book that allows children to step forward and express themselves while embracing readers with hope, comfort and encouragement as they focus on the silver lining that allows the rebuilding process to begin.

To purchase books for yourself you may order directly on this website. To purchase large quantities to donate to families in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, please contact me at: jayne.standupforyourwrites@gmail.com